Michael Mike Cully

 Michael Mike Cully

Executive Director

About Me

Michael Mike Cully is an accomplished public, corporate, and government leader and entrepreneur. He has a track record of entering a company and leaving it in better shape than when he arrived. His diverse skill set, along with his desire to make the world a better place, has landed him more important responsibilities and established him as a renowned businessman.

Michael Mike Cully was born and raised in California. In Sacramento, California, he attended Jesuit High School. The high school places a major emphasis on helping the community by caring for the environment, observing the needs of the disadvantaged and less fortunate, and advocating for social change. Michael Mike Cully's entire life has been inspired by the high school's teachings and strong emphasis on leadership, which have helped form him into the leader he is today.

Michael Mike Cully later earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from the University of the Pacific in 1996. Later, he transferred to San Diego State University to pursue his education, earning an MBA in Global Business and Entrepreneurship in 2011. He was a member of the SDSU Men's Crew Team and the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity while there.

Michael Mike Cully began a career as an on-air journalist shortly after graduating from the University of the Pacific, and it lasted more than a decade. During that time, he worked for NBC, CBS, and FOX News, where he spent the last seven years of his career.

Michael Mike Cully switched careers and spent several years as the CEO of the Visalia Chamber of Commerce, followed by a stint as the president of the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce. He used his unique combination of revolutionary leadership to rebuild and revive both businesses, positioning them for future success.

Michael Mike Cully acquired a position working in the private sector at Daimler AG-owned car2go shortly after graduating with his MBA, starting as a manager and subsequently becoming a member of the global leadership team. He oversaw more than 130 reports in 15 markets across North America, assisted the firm in launching and managing 10 new sites, and handled all aspects of the new brand offices' logistics, including hiring and training new staff. He established operating norms and served as a business spokesman to assure long-term success.